adb2lisa keyboard adapter


Use an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) keyboard with your vintage Apple Lisa or Macintosh XL system. The adb2lisa keyboard adapter adapts ADB keyboards to the Lisa’s proprietary keyboard interface.

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The adb2lisa is a keyboard adapter that connects keyboards using the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) interface to an Apple Lisa or Macintosh XL system. With the adb2lisa keyboard adapter, ADB-based keyboards behave like an original Lisa keyboard!

The adb2lisa comes fully assembled, tested, and ready for use.

  • Converts ADB keyboards to the Apple Lisa or Macintosh XL
  • No external power source needed
  • Supports software power-off using the keyboard’s power key (if equipped)
  • Supports US (United States), UK (United Kingdom), DE (German), and FR (French) keyboard layouts
  • Includes the adapter itself and a keyboard cable to connect to the Lisa



The adb2lisa hardware is compatible with all ADB-based keyboards using a mini DIN 4-pin ADB connector, including keyboards provided with most early Macintosh computers and the Apple IIgs. Third party keyboards used with Macintosh clones are also known to work.


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Please visit the adb2lisa product page for complete details, usage information, instructions, and firmware upgrades.

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