MacWorks XL Retro-Restore Floppy Disk Kit


MacWorks XL Retro-Restore Floppy Disk Kit for the Apple Lisa and Macintosh XL. Can install MacWorks XL 3.0 onto an Apple ProFile or X/ProFile hard disk, if equipped. Includes a 400k boot disk and 400k system disk.

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MacWorks XL provides the equivalent of the Macintosh 512k 64K ROMs, allowing for Macintosh system software and applications to run on an Apple Lisa or Macintosh XL.

MacWorks XL includes support for:

  • System software up to 3.2

This kit provides installation media on floppy diskettes, and includes the following:

  • 400k Boot Disk
  • 400k System Disk

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